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What is a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)?

A TUE is a permission granted to an athlete to use a medication which is the only medication used to treat the athlete’s condition or illness and which contains a substance or method included in the WADA Prohibited List.


What are the criteria for granting a TUE?

The criteria for granting a TUE are based on:

  • whether the athletes will suffer significant health problems if the medication is not taken
  • whether the medication produces a large performance-enhancing effect
  • whether there is no other alternative medication or procedure to treat the condition


Can an athlete submit a TUE application directly to WADA?

No.  WADA only accepts TUE applications from International Federations (IF) and National Anti-Doping Organisation

How can athletes apply for a TUE?

A TUE form must be completed in full and signed by the prescribing doctor and all relevant supporting documentation and evidence confirming the diagnosis must be attached. (Guidelines for medical practitioners on how to apply for a TUE and checklists on the medical information requested can be found here.) The athlete must forward the application form to the relevant anti-doping organization depending on whether the athlete is an International-level or a national-level athlete.  International-level athletes must submit their form to the International Federation whereas national-level athletes should submit their form to NADOMALTA.  The Athlete must apply for a TUE no less than 30 days before he/she needs the approval (e.g. for a competition or sports event).

The Application form can be found here or can be obtained from the International Federation.

More information on the Therapeutic Use Exemption can be found here: