Registered Testing Pool

















The Registered Testing Pool comprises a selection of athletes which fall within a category agreed between NADOMALTA and National Sports Organisation Associations. Such athletes who will be subject to both In-Competition and Out-of-Competition testing according to NADOMALTA’s Anti-Doping Programme.

What will be expected from athletes in the RTP?

  • Athletes must also make themselves available for testing both during competition and out of competition 24/7.
  • Athletes will be notified immediately of their inclusion in the RTP
  • Since this type of testing may occur anytime, athletes must provide Whereabouts Information so that NADOMALTA is kept up to date on the whereabouts of the athletes. NADOMALTA will be providing access to WADA’s Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) to athletes in the RTP so that the athletes are able to update the NADOMALTA with their whereabouts information. The athletes will be provided training on how to submit their whereabouts information through ADAMS.