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Athletes have to keep NADOMALTA up to date on their whereabouts and are required to submit their whereabouts filing on a quarterly basis, which includes details on the athletes residence, training venues and times, competition schedule, holiday arrangements etc.  as well as a 60-minute time slot between 5am and 11pm where they can be located for testing.

What is ADAMS?

ADAMS stands for Anti-Doping Administration and Management System.  ADAMS is a web-based system through which an athlete can submit his / her whereabouts information from anywhere in the world at any time.  However this is only one of the main features of ADAMS.  This system is also used to process TUEs, as a Doping control platform for NADOs and as an Information clearing house where all data is stored.


Who has access to ADAMS?

Access rights will only be granted to athletes, athlete support personnel, NADO, International Federations, National Associations, WADA-accredited testing laboratories, WADA and those organizations with authorization in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Programme


What data do the authorized organizations and personnel have access to?

Only the areas relevant to the specific user will be viewable by the user.  In this way data is highly protected.


How does the user access ADAMS?

Controlled access is granted by the NADO by means of a username and password and the user access ADAMS through this secure link: 


This online system is efficient, user-friendly and can be accessible 24/7 from anywhere where there is internet access.


How can the athlete get help filling in my information through ADAMS?

The NADO provides training on the use of ADAMS and how to perform the basic functions which can help the athlete submit the required whereabouts information.


Whereabouts Failures

Any combination of three (3) whereabouts failures (Filing Failures and Mixed Tests combined) within an twelve (12) month period will result in an Anti-Doping Rule Violation.

Filing Failure:  A Filing Failure will be declared if:

  • A Whereabouts Filing has not been submitted to NADOMALTA / WADA by the specified deadline.
  • A Whereabouts Filing does not contain the 60-minute time slot where the athlete can be located for testing each day.
  • A Whereabouts Filing is inaccurate or incomplete.

Missed Test:  A Missed Test will be declared if the athlete is not at the location he / she indicated during the specified 60-minute time slot on the Whereabouts Filing.

To download the WADA ADAMS app (Athlete Central) on your smartphone, please click here: