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Doping is the use of prohibited substances and / or prohibited methods included in the WADA Prohibited List to enhance or maintain performance in sport. Doping also includes (both in-competition and out-of-competition): attempted use, possession, administration and trafficking of prohibited substances and methods, evasion, refusal or tampering of doping control, failure in providing requested whereabouts when being in a Registered Testing Pool, complicity in assisting, encouraging, aiding, abetting, conspiring, covering up or any other type of intentional complicity involving an anti-doping rule violation and any prohibited associations with persons who are serving a ban.


Besides being detrimental to the reputation of sports, such performance-enhancing drugs pose a significant risk to the health of athletes especially young athletes.


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What is


NADOMALTA is the National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) of Malta and has the responsibility of accepting and implementing the principles of the Code and the supporting International Standards. Malta has legislated its Anti-Doping Regulations through Legal Notice 281 of 2011, amended them in 2015 through Legal Notice 17 of 2015 of the Laws of Malta and in 2021 through Legal Notice 104 of 2021 of the Laws of Malta. The National Anti-Doping Rules include all the mandatory aspects of the 2021 WADA Code and hence comply with the WADA Code. All National Associations affiliated with and recognised by SPORTMALTA are required to adopt the Malta Anti-Doping Rules into their own rules and regulations.


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Our Mission

To foster a doping-free culture in sport in Malta

To protect the spirit of sport and promote fair play

To educate about the dangers and consequences of doping

To implement an effective testing programme in line with the WADA Code and the International Standard of Testing and Investigations